CosmiKnots @ NERVE Performance Arts Festival

CosmiKnots presents: "A CALL-OUT BEFORE THE FALL-OUT: Public Ceremonies for the Church of Consumption" -this weekend at the NERVE Performance Arts Festival in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Featuring: Qpon (Frog Wing) // #krittykouture (KK de la Vida) // FATHERFIGURE (Rain Love) // Hardley (Rachel Johnson)

March 17-19 

FRI (7-10) SAT (7-10) SUN (6-9)


IG: @cosmiknots



***As part of the soundtrack, CosmiKnots featured random clips on Youtube, Ft. Lauderdale radio on a Disney-princess boombox, static noise, and music by Dasa Transmute and Alienood420 (SplashZone is now available on iTunes, click HERE)