Installed: July 2nd, 2015

Photo taken on the night of a Full Moon- July 2nd 2015 (CST)

Location: End of the road by ErGe's house, Jixiang Village, Hainan, Lashihai lake valley, Lijiang County, Yunnan Province, China

Excerpt from the Jixiang Orb Proposal:

"Dodecahedrons have long been considered symbols of the Universe and depictions of the Divine, by various nations and cultures all over the world. 

Lijiang Dongba identify Frog’s dodecahedral Molecule-Orbs as meditation tools that connect and resonate with higher realms. Pentagonal faces recall the five elements, while twelve faces reference the signs of the Zodiac. The Orbs symbolize blessing and protection, bestowed from the giver and onto the receiver. 

The installation of a large dodecahedron in Jixiang Village takes form as a gift- from Frog, WuZhimi and supporting Dongba, and all those who donate to the cause. Rather than gifting individuals with singular molecule-orbs each, installing a large-scale dodecahedron allows all villagers and passersby to contemplate and enjoy the beauty of this particular platonic solid, up-close and in-person. 

When finished, the Jixiang Village Orb becomes a repository of energy. Its presence serves as a physical representation of group support for community cooperation, empowerment for farming populations and indigenous tribes, and the belief that global friendships can strengthen and empower communities on a grassroots level."

-F. Wing

Full text of original proposal can be found here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/jixiang-village-giant-orb/x/10833689#/story

A few villagers gather at the Orb Site after installation (July 2nd, 2015- sunset). /// Photo: Jay Brown

A few villagers gather at the Orb Site after installation (July 2nd, 2015- sunset). /// Photo: Jay Brown

Lesser Heat Festival 

Flier design: Frog Wing // 20150630

The Jixiang Orb Blessing Event took place during the July 4th Lesser Heat Festival. Dongba priest HeXiudong conducted a Nature God Ritual, accompanied by a Tiger Dance inside the Orb- performed by apprentice WuZhimi. 

More information on the festival: http://www.lijiangstudio.org/lesserheatfestival/

(photos by: Jay Brown, Miranda Hill, Naima Fine, Lizzie Peacocke)

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