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Toroi Bandi (the "Robin Hood of Mongolia") is a historical figure from 19th century Sukhbaatar Province, a rogue bandit who targeted government tax wagons and Manchurian imperialist rulers. He was infamous for redistributing wealth- by stealing horses and livestock from wealthier sources, and giving them to those who had less. His reputation made him so popular that locals helped him escape from prison- twice! Some Mongolians now make pilgrimage to Toroi Bandi's hometown and pay respects at the area he used to hide out, in and around Altan Ovoo and Shilin Bogd Mountain (aka "the Emptiness"). There's rumor that women arent allowed to climb the mountain, but in my opinion, the archetype (in general) isnt gender-specific. Some people deny that this archetype still exists in modern societies, but i think it would [Re: We are the ancestors/ myths of the Future… J.campbell]. They could be community leaders, maybe… Are actions of TB-esque characters necessarily secretive? Does it benefit them and their communities more if they are?

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Pages from the TB sketchbook: 

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Some videos from the search:

Mungunshagai's #reindeer #antlers #knife #carving

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Collaborative drawing with Buddhist monk Sanjaajamts Battseren  @sanjaa06gmailcom

Collaborative drawing with Buddhist monk Sanjaajamts Battseren @sanjaa06gmailcom

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