Lancaster Against Pipelines [fundraiser]

Our friend Dana is helping to organize the Lancaster Against Pipelines Fundraiser! My brother Jeeshaun and I will both have pieces up for auction.

I decided to send in this set of 8 prints, called "Rumugu," from the Dabba Card series I made last year. Each print has a little paper slip attached, with this background info written on it: 

RUMUGU: A type of Nature God, the name meaning “water source.” The top halves of their bodies look like human beings, while the lower halves resemble reptiles’ tails. These deities come in twos, with a pair assigned for each of the four compass directions (North/ South/ East/ West). 
This Rumugu color-print is from a commissioned series called “Dabba Cards” by artist Dava/ Frog Wing (working under the name WuZhimi). The Mosuo are an ethnic group with a traditionally matrilineal society, and Dabba is the name of their folk religion that values a balanced relationship between Humans and Nature. These paintings were based on a set of original Dabba cards that were used in rituals for expressing apology/ gratitude to water. The rituals are held near water wells, community pools, springs, rivers, or at other similar sites where human beings take and use water for daily consumption. 

You can find the original versions of these prints in the Dabba Ritual Room at the Luoshui Mosuo Museum, which is located at the edge of Lugu Lake in Yunnan Province, China. 

For more info: // Or contact Dava directly:


Lancaster Against Pipelines (LAP)- A non-profit grass-roots coalition of county residents opposing the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline, a natural gas pipeline aiming to transport fracked natural gas from northern PA to an international export station in the Chesapeake Bay. These funds specifically will support an encampment along the proposed route of the pipeline.

-Date: Sat, Feb 18th 5PM-Close

-Location: Kennett Brewing Company 109 S Broad Street, Kennett Square PA