From Erenhot to SF

Last month (January), after spending New Year’s Eve in Taipei with family, I made my way back up to Erenhot City, the bordertown between Mongolia and Inner Mongolia, China. I signed myself up for two weeks of language lessons with the lovely teacher Tuya (who is from Ulaanbaatar) studying Mongolian Cyrillic script- which is referred to as “New Mongolian” by the Chinese Inner-Mongolians. “New Mongolian” script (#8, below) is “new” as opposed to Traditional Mongolian script (#1), which was derived from Uyghur script, as decreed by Chinggis Khan circa 1204 AD.


I just typed up a long paragraph on the second half of the update here, but I accidentally deleted and now running out of battery, so, I’ll just check out for now and come back to edit later.

Happy Tsagaan Sar- Lunar New Year 2019!