Out here at Lijiang Studio again from August 1st to October 15th (maybe). Jixiang Village just finished performing another round of the Qilin Dance for HeWenzhao's official studio opening, and now we're kicking off Petra's 3rd session of the year. 

Photo from HeZhongli's house/ Qilin Dance Revival (2014)

Photo from HeZhongli's house/ Qilin Dance Revival (2014)

I picked up 15 prints of the #slowtrain zine ("Manman Yawaarai" / "Please Go Slowly") from the Golden Wheel Printshop this afternoon and tonight I'm folding them into halves. Tomorrow I'll cut glue sew and bind them, and then they will be done for good. Another completed production by SunDogs Studio. Email me if you want a copy, I'll send to your address, free shipping.  

/// #slowtrain zine: Color copies $10 / B&W $5

COMING UP NEXT: more illustrations for dreampr00f, a Qilin Dance book, and another zine called ROOK (follow-up piece to Zaria's Quadrivium: Infinite show from 2015). I have a few other project ideas in mind, but these are the next three to knock off the list. There will be no peace until I deliver these first.