first post of 2018

We're one month into a residency session at Chinatown Soup NYC (16 Orchard St.)- January-April 2018. Planning to work on some oil paintings and puppets. Both. Two zines are also underway. They won't be ready in time for the Zine Fair, but that's worth going to anyway, especially if you're into zines. February 10th (11am-5pm). 

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 21.56.39.png

In other news... the 365videosproject is already over, that was fast! And what should i do about videos now? Keep filming? Post where? I don't even know.  I started another experimental journaling account but its a secret for now because i want to see what the algorithms will bring us if nothing is said. Maybe something, maybe nothing. 

So... expect to see me around NY in the next few months, I'll be here until summer at least.