Cosmiknots: "Twisted" in NYC


I won’t be present at this event, but please consider going if you happen to be in NYC/ Brooklyn this week… KK and Simone Johnson will be facilitating. Here’s the write-up that Khokhoi wrote for the GoogleDocs page:

“Told around a clock, unfolded as an unknowing map to see situations happening simultaneously across space-time, "Twisted" is a ritual of re-search to explore global inequalities through embodied investigations. As much as we feel like 'individuals' and despite the distance of borders, all our embodiment is entangled in gravitational orbit with each other. CosmiKnots* will practice "Twisted" as part of the JUST SITUATIONS Performative Convention**

The participative performance requires twelve spines (representing time's strokes) to be gently entwined by string. CosmiKnots is looking for people of diverse intersectional axises & across lived divisions of resource access to stand (or sit in a wheelchair) in a fixed or fluid position for max 25 minutes. Concerned with the participative politic$ of artistic production, we wish to conjure your corporal contributions outside the logics of paid capital. 


CosmiKnots invites NYC ARTISTS to PARTICIPATE in this 'JUST situation' in EXCHANGE for SHARING RESOURCES amongst each other. Is there something you NEED/SEEK to pursue your art practice that may be facilitated or fulfilled by the community? Is there something you can OFFER/CONTRIBUTE in exchange for a JUST TRADE? 

(Examples: Seeking recording equipment rental, creative & critical feedback on a project, etc; Offering editing skills, surplus supplies, mentorship, creative direction for projects, etc ::: All imagined ideas big or small are possible! genuine requests only please)

If interested, please check out the dates/times & fill out the form below. All participants will be "paid" with a just trade-exchange arranged with other artists in the circle-clock meet-up & a small vegan snack for their hour-long corporal contribution. THANK YOU!”


JUST SITUATIONS ( is a hybrid conference, festival, and “political science fair,” hosting artists and active citizens who are working in performative ways, moving beyond the trending commercialization of art “about” politics, into non-representational and non-reproductive modes of performance which directly construct, speculate, design. position, and posit “just” forms of political, social, and personal human being and becoming. Please consider helping fund basic access for all participants: