From March 21st- 31st (2017):

Lijiang Studio conducts an installment of Aztlan-Shangrila at the Maestra Vida school in El Tambo, Colombia (with Ernesto Salmeron, Paul Donneys, Dava Wing/ WuZhimi, and Jay Brown).

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365videosproject: brief tour of #maestravida // The founders of this school believe in having no classroom walls, no bells, no textbooks, no homework, no grading system, mixed-age classes, non-structured personalized learning methods via real-life situations, and respecting students' need for freedom. This educational model has already been replicated in 8 other municipalities since the school started in 1994 (and counting). "Life is Teacher” @maesvida // #latepost march29 #wednesday #pedagogia


Ernesto Salmeron: drum-making/ music 

Paul Donneys: video filming/ editing/ production

Jay Brown: art techniques and experimentations

Frog/ Dava Wing: bookmaking/ journaling; theater/ storytelling with "The Color Bird"

WuZhimi: Dongba dance/ ritual demonstration

(Many thanks to everyone in Colombia for hosting us! I learned so much, and the process continues... Looking forward to the future)