[Ancient tomorrow] Movie Premiere

I was invited to attend the Ancient Tomorrow movie premiere at the Ahrya Theater in Beverly Hills last week, so I went my brother Jee-shaun and our friend Blake. We finally got to meet Dan Shaw (vortex detective) from VortexMaps.com.

Our Molecule-Orbs are featured in this post-premiere interview with Dan Shaw, JJ Yosh, Ann Seid, and Oliver Ades. Thanks Dan! This is a Facebook "live video" so i cant repost it here on my site; here is a screenshot instead. I want to transcribe some of the commentary in this interview, for later reference, just in case. 

***DISCLAIMER: To be clear, I do not think the pyramids were "built by aliens"

and I am aware that some people find the idea offensive. I do believe the pyramids were built by the human societies located in their respective geographic regions (Peruvians in Peru, Egyptians in Egypt, Chinese in China, etc). I do not believe there is any kind of conspiracy network surrounding the vortex sites, attempting to keep us from knowing some kind of "hidden truth" that we're "not supposed to know," aside the alienating language and rumors used by some of the conspiracists themselves.

However, I do suspect that vortex sites around the world illuminate commonalities between our intuitive and logical processes as a species, especially what we assume is driven by/ towards divinity (or an otherwise authoritarian decree)- and that our actions unknowingly reinforce geometric planetary structures- and that these phenomena deserve further questioning and deeper investigation, especially now that we have instantaneous global communications/ travel technologies/ tense political relationships to boot.

JJ Yosh brought this conversation to the big screen, and I'd love to talk more about this later, but for now here's a blog post with a couple of links as a placeholder.... TBC. See you soon.