End of Primordium tour/ beginning of something else

I decided that the Primordium Tour should end with the Pericardia show in Baltimore- because good timing, but also because the symbolism seemed fitting. Tour named Primordium, ends at Pericardia. 

Thanks to friends + family in Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, California, Yunnan, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York, especially those who hosted me and fed me- thank you so much! And also to others from elsewhere who passed through town, sent a message/ challenge/ posi vibes, or talked on the phone... All that matters, thanks for that, too. Let me know when and how I can return a favor. 

Special thanks to the Poncili House, Aztlan-Shangrila, Lijiang Studio, G.G.Nix, Nomad Rhizome, City Bird, Disclaimer Gallery, Holy Underground, and the Bell Foundry. I considered making a list of names and tagging everyone, but it might a long list, and I'm afraid i might miss anyone on accident, and i know some people don't like being tagged! so to make life easier i'm just not gonna do it, but now you know i almost tried.

We're halfway through 2016 and I'm working hard; there's always more to do from the List... I think this year I've been trying to make up for past stagnation and invisibility or not doing enough. Its still a struggle, time is limited, I've got all these sides to amalgamate, details to adjust. I care about you, and these ideas, but I've only got 1 brain/body and 24/7 of time. I think. It takes focus (or luck) to hit a target. Sometimes everything is a mess. Sometimes I'm already feeling tired but I can't break momentum now. Also, btw, I read that narcissists are proven to make better artists (???) and I feel conflicted about that, I just dont understand why that would be true- unless artists are definitely hypnotists whether they like it or not!

Since 2005 I've havent lived anywhere for more than a year, and lately I've been thinking that maybe I should give that a shot, see how it goes. Would be great to set up a workshop/ studio somewhere, have my own room again, set up a new rhythm of life. I still don't know about 2017 for sure- where I will be or what I'll be doing. It would be cool to finally get a driver's license though. Then I can work towards my longtime dream of operating an ice cream truck puppet theater...

p.s. today is my dads birthday, happy birthday dad // 爸爸生日快樂