Granny Mazu’s Thousand-Mile Dancefloor


^ stills from the 3-minute trailer

a poetic archival research project on the commonalities, differentiations, and dialogue created between our families’ dance, performance, and migration histories”

by MazuDogs Productions

CREDITS for footage/ appearance in the trailer:

-Fernandina Chan, Angelina Yuen-Wah Leung, Diana Tai, Bloody Panda (Josh Rothenberger, Yoshiko Ohara), Leo Wang , Twinkie, DaBao, Helen, James Wang, Harry Kuan, Kade Kuan, Q-Pon and Kritty (Khokhoi/ KK de la Vida), SuBiyong, Lijiang Studio, Jay Brown, HeHengguang/ ErGe, HeJixing, HeJiyu, Jixiang Village crew and audience


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Last updated: August 19th, 2019