CosmiKnots (pronounced: ˈkäzməˌnôt, космонавт) is a collective envisioned by performance artists (Frog/ Dava Wing and Khokhoi/ Kk de La Vida) as a creative network embodying ecological/ decolonial concerns through engaging public action. CosmiKnots materializes core issues through live arts productions, and operates as a collaborative platform for people to stage critiques on contemporary issues and current events. As performance artists incorporating influences of spiritual traditions and healing practices in our ritual art/work, we believe in the power of cross-cultural narrative storytelling to activate awareness of our planetary situation(s). 

Our next installment, titled "A Call-out Before the Fall-out: Public Ceremonies for the Church of Consumption" is scheduled for the weekend of March 17-19th, at the NERVE festival in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Also expect street performances in Miami between March 20-22nd.


Log of Observations

December 8th-13th, 2016


(This section is currently under construction. Please check later for updates, thanks!)

"The writing is crucial... Turn the material into words that is related to the looking... Spend more time architecting how they're reading it. 14 images: EWS project. Goes back to the ExposeDIY (2 weeks)."

-notes between Khokhoi and Frog